1. Heat-reflecting window blinds. “partnering
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Read our post on Blinds for Trapezoid Windows or list of window treatments for angle top windows at to learn more. Cellular shades can be made to fit triangle windows. These shades will be inoperable, but can be made with fabrics to match other shades in your home.

This was followed by a fight at the Round the Corner cafe in Irlam … when they heard what sounded like pebbles being thrown at the lounge window. As Mr Coward went to open the blinds there was a …

Sky Light Blinds The twin-shade window treatment is a growing trend. Two shades are paired together to provide better light control with blackout and insulation, along with style. The top or front shade is … THE mum of a 13-month-old girl described her daughter, who died after getting caught up in a window blind cord, as her "gorgeous

VIDEO: Home Depot Debbie gives tips on covering arched windows “The EvoNexus incubator model is unique in that it’s providing top tier startups access to mentoring … materials such as antistatic floor coverings and heat-reflecting window blinds. “partnering

Round windows are almost impossible to provide shade for without fitting a normal rectangular blind over the top of them. However, we feel this ruins the architectural merit of …

Door And Lock A new smart lock has been created by U-Tec in the form of the U-Bolt … the dynamic key protection would make it impossible to for them to unlock your door.” Ginger Crunch Oct 27 2018 1:33 am Yass!!! December 2018 another thriller and 2 great actresses khj and KYW in this together again after

Here are some top tips from … Clean your window treatments. This is one of the most commonly missed areas. Curtains look decorative and pretty all year round, and we don’t realize how much …

Front Door Knobs And Deadbolts A comprehensive range of Door Locks & Bolts, ideal security options for uPVC and wooden doors, home or industrial, for use internally or externally, whether you are looking for privacy around the home or enhanced defense against break in’s & theft for your properties. These front door locks have a latch as well as a

Porthole blinds can be made so that the bottom section of slats rise up to the centre point (ideal if there’s a window handle to access or for cleaning the window). options. 25mm wooden Venetians ; 25mm aluminium venetians(aluminium slat Blinds Can Be Privacy Punched).

You can show off a decorative metallic or wooden curtain rod with tab-top curtains, which have looped strips of fabric attached to the top hem for the rod to go through. Curtains with round metal …

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