1. Control window film.
  2. Outdoor shade solution
  3. Tinted window film
  4. Attached 4 seasons room

Install Gila® Privacy Control or Glare Control Window Film Installing this frosted film on the windows was a fairly straightforward process involving thoroughly cleanining the windows before application, cutting the film to slightly larger than the window size, spray on the applicator solution, peel film backer away and apply film to window. Then trim film to window using the cutting tool in the kit (sold separately) and squeegee film to ensure no …

08/12/2015  · Gila window film makes it simple to add privacy with a nice decorative look to any bathroom window. Watch step-by-step instructions for installing Gila® Stat…

Increase the privacy of your home with Gila® frosted privacy control window film. This film’s classic, frosted design will add style to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere you want to add privacy without blocking light.

Our Brand Our brand mission is simple: to make window film weekend projects truly rewarding. This means equipping DIYers with top-grade materials and information, so that your investment of valuable time and energy really does pay off.

Install this frosted window film in your home for a tasteful way to conceal a room without blocking sunlight. This privacy window film offers 24-hr privacy. This privacy window film offers 24-hr privacy.

Indoor Solar Shade Increases Comfort Through “Optimized” Daylight: The Controlite® system adapts to changing light conditions throughout the day for effective control of indoor light, shade and solar heat gain. – … solar shade ideal for indoor light filtering and outdoor shade solution. Best quality fabric with cordless and corded. 1% solar fabric ensures better privacy Curtain Rod
Curtain Rod Slides They look nice, slide well, and are easy to attach to the curtain … Why you’ll love them: The Amazer wide shower curtain hooks are designed to fit onto thicker shower curtain rods. If you have … Product Features Material: Slides are plastic and the Master slides are mixed metal and plactic. tinted window film
How To Make House Cleaning Easier When it comes to cleaning, parts of the house that are hidden away … mad mother revealed her cheap and easy way to clean washing machine drawers in minutes – using household objects. While the … Tinted Window Film For Home Privacy Tint For House Windows The attached 4 seasons room has new windows and

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