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HISA Grant There are currently 3 grants offered by the VA for disabled/aging veterans and military service members, namely the Special Home Adaptation grant, the Home Improvement and Structural …

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers grants for disabled veterans to purchase a home or adapt an existing … offers loans and grants for families to repair inadequate housing in rural …

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Veteran Home Improvement Grants To Pay Bills The federal government, private organizations, state agencies and nonprofits offer home repair grants for Veterans to cover up for the expenses, making the dwelling unit more accessible to reside.

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These include three different grants – the Special Home Adaptation Grant, the specially adapted housing Grant, and the Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant (HISA). The latter is applicable …

A city program that helps low-income veterans, seniors and people with disabilities make … The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC) is considering giving $15,000 to a new emergency repair fund

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers three grants for home modification and home improvement. Veteran Affairs Grants usually require that veterans have the loss of lower extremities, loss of vision, or severe burns.

Veterans can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loans Service about a loan or about specially adapted housing grants. Seniors can find tips on home safety and search for local programs in the Home Repair and Modification section of the eldercare locator website.

VA Home Improvement Grants Available to Veterans By Cindy S. Alvear, Esquire July 2014 As you may have read in several of our previous articles or other publications, the Department of

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