1. Dishwasher detergent mixed
  2. Final spin cycle
  3. Spin cycle ends
  4. Load washer model wf337aar
  5. Knocking real bad


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21/11/2013  · Samsung WF218ANB/XAA Front load Washer, Built 2008.05 Smoking after washing 3 rags. This was the final spin cycle of the Normal Wash. At 7:27 the spin cycle ends, open the door and smoke comes out.

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I have a 7 year old Samsung front load washer. Never had any issues until yesterday. During the spin cycle, smoke was coming out of the drum and the machine housing. Caused my smoke alarm to go off, s

Re: Front Load Washer: smoke it really bad!!! Had the same thing happen to my washer on Saturday night. Got on YouTube and watched a video from on how to change out the spider in your washer.

I have a front load washer model wf337aar that made a loud bang this morning and then when I stopped it and opened the door, light smoke filled the laundry room.

Samsung front load washer wf328aaw Burnt rubber seal I was just washing a load of clothes and when it got to the spin cycle I heard the washer start knocking real bad like the load got off balance. Went back to check on it and the washer was full of smoke.

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